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Cost Comparison between Renting a Boat and Fort Lauderdale Waterway Tours

Fort Lauderdale Waterway Tours (FLWT) Private Charter

  • The total cost to charter our 26′ boat, including a Professional Captain and fuel is $100.00 per hour 
  • The person hiring FLWT for charter is NOT responsible for any damage or accidents that might occur during the charter
  • Our Captains have local knowledge of beaches, sandbars, restaurants, navigational hazards and homes located on the ICW
  • FLWT can provide you with ice, food, snacks, water and beverages for a slight service charge
  • Flexible hours to start or end your tour and how long your tour lasts
  • Flexible locations to pick you up to start your tour and drop you off at the end of your tour
  • Persons Chartering our boat cannot be cited for violating navigation laws or arrested for DUI

Rental Boats

  • The cost to rent a 24′ boat is $450.00 (half day, 4 hrs) or $650.00 (full day, 8hrs) Does not include Captain or Fuel
  • Boat rental companies require a signed contract that make the renter liable for any damages to the rental boat and any injuries to persons resulting from an accident
  • It will cost $157.50 per hr. to rent a 24′ boat for 4 hrs. or $131.25 per hr. for 8 hrs. when you include the cost of fuel @ $25.00 per hr. and if a captain is hired by the renter @ $25.00 per hr.
  • Boats can be rented for half day or full day increments only, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  If the boat is returned late, costly penalties will be charged directly to the credit card that the boat rental company  already has on file.
  • As a renter you are on your own for ice, food, snacks, water, beer and drinks
  • Fixed location that you must pick up and return your rental boat to
  • Persons driving a rental boat are subject to being cited for violating navigation laws or being arrested for DUI if the person driving the boat has a alcohol level greater than .08% the same level as when driving a car



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    Doug is on target, it is a much more enjoyable and vale added trip with him than to rent and run the boat your self .

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