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Dinning on or close to the Water

Over the years I have been to almost all the restaurants with docks and seating next to the water.  I have found that when you compare restaurants located on the water with those located close to the water the restaurants on the water will have higher prices, lower standards of service and mediocre food.  I think the problem is that these restaurants are catering to the out-of-town visitors and not to the locals.  That said, there are a few great places to boat to and find good happy hour deals, great views, good tasting food and servers that are happy that you came to their restaurant.

In my experience, if you are willing to take a 10 minute walk to restaurants located within a block of the River you can find excellent happy hour deals, great food and be served by a person who knows that they are serving locals that will only return if they have a good experience.  You will be treated as a valued customer whom they hope will want to come back the next time you are in the area.IMG_1407


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    That is a great looking hamburger for $5. The girl is also cute !!!

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